E6 Processing


We are continuing to offer highest quality E6 processing with one-shot freshly mixed Kodak chemistry in Jobo precision drum processors. Sadly, due to the much lower volume of processing today,  we have retired our Colenta hanger transport system ("Dip-n-Dunk"). We were a Kodak 'Q-Lab' for many years, and though we can no longer justify the expense of enrollment, we continue to maintain our E6 process to the same exacting standards. We are currently processing usually one day per week, often Wednesday or Thursday, but it's best to give us a call if you're on a tight schedule.


Film Format

35mm x 36 or 24 exp mounted or sleeved


120 roll film sleeved


4x5 sheet film sleeved, sets of 12 sheets or less


8x10 sheet film sleeved, sets of 5 or less



Push or Pull processing is available for add'l charge: 50% per stop or fraction thereof.


Clip tests are $12.00 per clip.


Minimum shipping charge is $5.50 for USPS Priority Mail. For exact charge on a prospective order, please call, or we will bill your credit card for actual shipping cost plus $0.50 handling. Please enclose a check or credit card information with mail orders, or phone us with credit card info, if you prefer.




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